Local Lost Stories

In Spring of 2023, students in my MASS 417 Experiential Storytelling class went on a journey with me to uncover local history and lost stories surrounding Mankato, Minn. The stories they uncovered and wanted to tell are here.

Telling Stories

Van Dang decided to create a character who would explore the history of Asian foods in Minnesota. The web site she developed can be found at https://vanessadang11.wixsite.com/lindsayasianflavors.

Charlie Groebner explored the loss of the Minnesota hockey team, the North Stars, to Texas in the 1990s. He created a documentary that can be found at:


Alexander Haugen created a documentary about the 1980s punk rock scene in Mankato. Check out his work at:


Alina Jass chose to remember Minneopa Falls through poetry.

Nicholas Larsen wrote an essay from a student’s perspective on one Dakota warrior hung in Mankato in 1862.

Katie Leseman chose to spook us all with a ghost story.

Zachary Nelson, inspired by a diary of a World War I soldier he found in the Blue Earth County Historical Society Archives, wrote a lightly fictionalized version of that soldier’s story in letter form.

Nitiben Parekh created an interactive web site about immigrants in Minnesota, found here: https://nitibenparekh.wixsite.com/masscomm417

Sumichika Yamamoto chose a more academic approach to storytelling, laying a foundation for future storytelling with his paper about Japanese immigrants in Minnesota.



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