Things I learned over the Holiday Break

I’m back in my office today, getting ready for spring classes to start on Monday. I’ve already  managed to combat the paper monsters on top of and under my desk, and they’re currently under my control. I hope to keep them leashed this term.

Over the break, I learned several things:

  1. I make excellent gingerbread for gingerbread houses.
  2. There can, indeed, be too much chocolate.
  3. Two-year-olds will do exactly what you tell them NOT to do. (A lesson learned once, but it needed repeating, apparently.)
  4. The people I love know me very well.
  5. New coffeemakers are awesome presents. See number 4.
  6. Murphy’s Law is a THING.
  7. Being housebound in subzero temps for longer than two days is bad for my mental health.
  8. Julie Andrews starred in Mary Poppins before she starred in The Sound of Music, but both movies still appeal to all audiences, including picky toddlers.
  9. Supercalifragilisticexpiallidocious is STILL an awesome word to say when you don’t know what else to say.
  10. My sabbatical has been approved for next year, AND I’ve been shortlisted for the Fulbright, now moving into the third round of competition.

Overall, I’m glad to be back at my desk. I have a pile of writing to complete this month, and my Fulbright interview on the 17th, so my short-term goals are to get cracking on preparation.

One comment from a Russian IP address asked about my writing process. In case it’s a real query and not just Russian spam, I’ll answer: Sit at keyboard. Write anything that comes to mind until it makes sense. Go back and cut out the crap. Repeat.