Good news!

I received word yesterday that my application for a Fulbright Distinguished Chair of the Humanities position at the University of Manchester, England, has been recommended for funding!

The next step is for the folks in the U.K. to determine whether they have enough funding to provide grants to all applicants, and it gets more selective from there. If funded, I’ll be in England next spring, teaching in the American Studies department and interviewing Manchester residents about their media use.

The first round, which I passed, is a thorough peer review of my application and proposal for next year. I’m grateful my peers think my project is worthy of funding.

Now, on to the next!


Starting Anew With Purpose

It’s with renewed purpose today that I start a new site. This one takes my name, and I plan to use it showcase my personal and professional works as I move forward into new challenges. I will update as I have new works to address and new information to share. I also plan to use this as a bit of a journal, as my family and I plan to travel in the next year.